Machining and Assembly


Our machinery

03 CNC Milling Machines - Strokes up to 1600 x 4000 (mm)

05 Machining Centers - Strokes up to 650 x 1500 (mm)

03 Conventional Milling Machines (rough machining)

01 Flat Grinding Machine + 01 Cylindrical Grinding Machine

01 Wire-cut EDM Machine Agie Charmilles Cut20

01 Radial Drilling Machine

01 10-Ton Overhead Crane

02 05-Ton Gantries

Tryout presses

Metrology Laboratory with Three Dimensional and Measuring Arm


Metrology and Try-out in constant synergy for dimensional approval

We have internal resources for tooling tryout, using the equipment below:

Hydraulic Press - 200 t (1,000 x 1,000 mm table)

Mechanical Press - 400 t (1,000 x 2,500 mm table)

Hydraulic Press - 500 t (2,300 x 3,000 mm table)

Mechanical Press - 1000 t (2,000 x 4,000 mm table) *outsourced

In addition to tryout, we have support from the metrology sector with a Three-Dimensional Arm (1,200 mm radius) and CMM (1,300 x 650 mm), both with Autodesk PowerInspect software.

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