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Modern engineering sector

We have an extensive engineering sector, equipped with state-of-the-art project software and a team of highly qualified professionals to meet demand with agility and professionalism.

Combining confidentiality and speed, through a modern system and motivated people, we obtain excellent results, meeting all deadlines and requirements agreed with our partners.


CAE Simulation Engineering

Stamping simulation is the CAE area where we simulate whether a specific component that will be stamped will behave as we expect in the press and will have the expected quality to be assembled on the car.

Features such as sheet stretching, or thinning are precisely controlled. Cracks and wrinkles, enemies of metal stamping, are controlled and eliminated before building the tools that will physically do the work in the press.

Stamping Simulation Services
  • Feasibility study of product in stamping process
  • Development and Validation of Forming Process
  • Method Plan Development
  • Provide solutions for stamping processes, optimizing, or correcting occasional issues
  • Analysis and compensation of spring back effects
  • Cutting Line Developments
From the Stamping Simulation, the following process data is known:
  • Fracture trend or confirmation
  • Excessive thinning
  • Excessive material compression or (wrinkles)
  • Edge Cracks
  • Surface Defects
  • Stretch Levels in product regions
  • Efficient blank sizing
  • Verify the influence of the material lamination direction in the product stamping

CAD Engineering for projects

We develop Tooling projects using the Progressive, Transfer or Tandem concept, based on safe concepts and best practices,
supported by a robust checklist, developed over the years where we concentrate all our experience and lessons learned.

Furthermore, we work in synergy with our customers to meet all the guidelines and
particularities of each company.

In this phase, all the kinematics of the project are evaluated, and a robust check is conducted to identify interferences,
thus guaranteeing high quality for the assembly and tryout of our projects.

Software used in the process

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